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Trying Tuesday | Primary Colors

So, I decided to try two things today.  One, a drawing from a reference.  Two, using three colors (the primary colors) and seeing what I could mix.


Here’s my reference (thanks Google and The B in Apartment 23…which I highly recommend, great show) (also, look how lazy I am, didn’t even bother to cut the top off):


Screenshot_2017-06-13-17-55-46 (1).png


Preliminary sketch I didn’t even try to fix:




Added layer of yellow:




Added layer of red:




Added a layer of blue:




Realized I forgot to color her shirt:




Layer of yellow on shirt:




Added some fix up colors???:




Lazy background and ink:




Yay!  I did something!  I just love the idea that if you have the three primary colors, you can just make all the other colors.  It’s very exciting.



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Working Wednesday

My major project right now (because I’m not really out there hustling for art projects like I should be) is an album cover for my husband’s band.  I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, and I’ve had multiple ideas, but I’m starting to solidify them.  Which is good because he’s almost done mixing.  He’s a perfectionist, I totally have lots of time.


Here’s where I started with the idea that I really, really like more than any of the other ideas:




You can see some prototype ideas that I was working through.  I’m still torn on a few of them because I’m not sure what I want my ultimate medium to be.  Maybe paint, maybe charcoal, maybe photograph.




So I made a new sketch using Google search results for “skinny male guy” which is not even the weirdest thing I’ve Googled today.  Also, the one I used most was calling skinny male models ugly?  Rude.


My sketch was fine, but clearly that’s not the size and shape of traditional album art.



So obviously I drew lines and then attempted to erase them.  This is only a sample, so any professionalism I have is out the window.  Also.  I have no professionalism.


So I laid in some details and some colors:



Added in the album name and realized I should have done it in pencil first AND I totally shouldn’t have used the awful pastel crayon things from the generic “art box” someone thoughtfully gifted me even though they don’t know anything about art and I feel so bad for disparaging their gift and just typing it is making me feel so guilty.




I then showed my husband.  But…he had an idea.  Which resulted in my attempting to punch a piece of paper unsuccessfully.




I was just trying to make a reference.  He wanted skinny model to be holding a piece of paper with a hole shot through it.




So I laid down a new sketch.  With less enthusiasm.  It was getting awfully close to my bedtime.




He likes it better.  Even down to the style (????).  His band.  His rules.


In any case, I’m so going to make it giant.  And I’m so excited I might take a day off of work to do that.



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Thinking Thursday

Today is Thinking Thursday so I’m going to talk about what’s on my mind today.
I was sitting on meetings today and yesterday, and as refreshing as it is to get away from my terrible desk, I’m not an active participant. I am a doodler. The less informative the meeting, the more advanced the doodles. It keeps me awake (which is more than I can say for everybody else). I was also feeling a little down because I haven’t posted what I would call my “good art.” The stuff of mine I genuinely like. Which, in a way, is more terrifying than posting junk. I know my junk is junk, I don’t care if other people agree with me. But posting my babies out into the world to be judged? That’s scary.
But that’s not what I want to talk about. I set out to draw a real human being the other day, which I posted. The drawings looked like a person, but not the person. I wasn’t using my preferred pencil and I was sketching with a purpose. But dangit, when I sketch with no purpose, mindlessly, I draw things I really like. (For example, the woman in the middle below).
I can do good work (in my opinion, until I learn more and realize it wasn’t as good as I thought) when I work really hard.
So my question for myself is, why do I like my bored sketches and my hard work but not the middle of the road stuff?
And honestly, I think I have an answer. Now that I’ve thought on it. When I work hard, I’m focused, I fix things. When I’m bored, I do a TON of sketches. Obviously, some are bound to be good. Some are bound to be mind-numbingly atrocious. But when I do middle of the road stuff, it’s like doing one semi-focused bored sketch. Which probably only gives me like a 50/50 shot of it being any good.
Such is life.