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Trying Tuesday

So, normally, Trying Tuesday would be all about art.  However, I, having temporarily re-discovered a game from my childhood, am in no mood to try new art.  But there is something I’m trying.


Don’t laugh.  Bran cereal.  Here’s the thing.  I’m trying to have an efficient diet.  I want to eat foods that are a good bang for my buck.  I know I need more fiber, and there were so many promising nutrients.  I’ve been eating chia seeds for the same reason (really good when soaked in orange juice).


I got started on this kick because of instant oatmeal.  I mean, oatmeal is supposed to be good for you.  High in fiber, bla bla bla.  Legit oatmeal is.  But instant?  It’s so many calories for feeling ZERO percent full.  So disappointed.  I don’t really track my calories, but that’s mostly because I’m lazy.  I want to be healthy without having to think about it.  Also, I want to be healthy without a lot of work.  And also, I want to be healthy without eating miserably gross food.  I’m looking at you kale salad with cranberries and cayenne pepper and walnuts and olive oil and apple cider vinegar and honey.  Gross and too much work and not filling.  Also, fruit should NEVER go in a savory salad.  I have opinions.


So this bran cereal.  It looks like dog food or cat food or something.  But it tastes fine.  Totally tolerable (and you’re talking to someone who has been subjected to liquid thyme being just dropped into her mouth, I KNOW intolerable).  The word isn’t in on how good that fiber is, but I’m sure I’ll find out in the most inconvenient way at work during a meeting tomorrow.


So far though, it seems like a good idea.



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Trying Tuesday | Perspective Again

I decided to try perspective again (and probably again and and again and again until I finally understand it).


But this time I watched a video because that’s almost like being in class.  So I found the following awesome videos that helped me wrap my brain around the topic:




Look, I’m serious.  I even took notes:



I even attempted my own thing, which is unfinished because I got tired of it:




Mistakes are so important in art.  More important is recognizing them.  I have so many more mistakes to make, and I am happy about that.



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Working Wednesday

I have a cool special thing that I do at my church.  I get to pray for youth leaders and their youth.  Someone told me I should draw for them when I pray.  So I do.  For now, I just draw their name.  The mighty creative juices at work, haha.


Does it count as work if you’re not getting paid?  Totally.  So it qualifies.


I start by looking up the meaning of their name.  I think names meaning something is so cool.  For example, the name Elainey is a form of Helen which means light.  I always really hope that something didn’t get typoed on its way to me.  Fingers crossed!  Then I draw a few thumbnails to get me thinking.  Note the vague sketches and dog hair stuck to the notepad.




The last sketch I drew I liked best (why keep going when you know what you want?).  And that’s the one in the top left corner.


So I laid down the lines:




And then I do a rough sketch of the name, erasing and changing as I go:




What a nice blurry picture that I cannot go back in time to fix.  Yay for smart phones.  I’m not going to ever tell you I’m a perfectionist.


At this point I start inking the name after making some changes:




It’s all right.  I don’t like the balance.  There’s too much white before the E, but I didn’t want to go too far to the left and make it too small.  I wanted the word go up because that seems happy.  For the E to be big, it would have to slope down.


Final product:




And I’m done.



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Clothing Files

I know I decided this would be an art/finance blog, but as I was doing laundry today, I remembered something I do so I have more time for the stuff I love, or at least less stress.
Let me start from a while back, maybe too far back. I kept my room clean when I was little until the day I found my baby brother wrecked my room and I was expected to clean it up. I gave up a little that day. I also developed a fear of scarcity and became a little tiny hoarder and everything got really messy. Like couldn’t see the floor messy. I went to college and had a fresh start and realized I could replace things with money. I slowly started a path towards something like minimalism.
Which leads me to my ultimate point. I’m lazy. Like really lazy. I’ll do work to avoid more work.
So laundry is work. Work that never ends (unless I join a nudist colony and that is never happening). Laundry is sorting and never ending folding and jamming things hopelessly into drawers. And my husband owns probably two hundred t-shirts. I mean, never ending t-shirts. Someday I’ll count them, but that day is not today. We’d both make a mess of the drawers looking for “the one.” It was all very stressful. I’m basically like a Sim who gets distressed when the environment is off somehow.
Confession: I now file clothes. I fold them in this really cool way (like this, but I fold it in half again so it fits in the drawer) that I found in a book when I was a teenager. I make them stand on their sides and it is so hard to mess these drawers up.
You have to actively try to mess it up. I haven’t organized a drawer in ages. It makes my lazy heart so pleased.
I also have my closet in color order, but that’s another story.