Money Monday

Money Monday | Maslow’s Heirarchy

Throughout high school and college, I learned about Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Pretty basic concept, you need to take care of your basic needs before you can move onto higher levels. Basically, you’re extreme urge to pee will take preference over your thoughts about a home security system. This is something you might understand if you’ve ever tried to unlock a door and turn off an alarm while swearing at yourself for making it so difficult to get into your own house. 
I’m not sure what level of the Heirarchy paying off student loans is under. I know for me, it’s a safety thing. My other basic needs are being met. I have food and shelter. That is why, under normal circumstances, I tend to make wise (you should probably doubt my wisdom if I’m calling my own choices wise) decisions on my financial health. 
The Heirarchy occasionally kicks my butt. For example, I got some killer food poisoning a few months ago. It was the worst. Good financial decisions? Let’s just say that popsicle companies and cracker companies made some money. But, hey, I saved on gas from not going to work? 
Life just has a way of kicking you down a few notches, which is really noticeable when you’ve clawed your way up there pyramid. I want to feel financial safety so bad. To just get my danged loans paid off. But I know we’ll need new cars soon. I would love some time to really build up emergency reserves or even invest. It’s frustrating because I feel like I’m on the Titanic, I know it’s going down, and I know there aren’t enough lifeboats. 
I’m being dramatic. But seriously, I just don’t want to have debt. I’m so sick of owing money. Paying for things that are done and over with. It’s a liability. And some people are so ok with it. They’ll just have to deal. 

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