Money Monday

Money Monday

I always act like I (and my husband) will never make more money than we are making right now. I don’t want to place losing bets. Or you know, even pretend like I know the future. Because I don’t. Anything could happen. One of us could lose our jobs at any time, so we’d better prepare now. I’m all about being prepared for negative things. 
But then my husband went and got a promotion. 
Just so you know, you should be prepared for good things too? Meaning, when you get a rare and blessed windfall, have a plan. And I don’t mean spend money like you’re going to inherit millions from an uncle you never knew existed. So like the basics: pay off debt, save, splurge (?). And address that with significant people in your life so that they can keep you accountable (or so that they can’t catch you with a hole in your pocket and ask to buy a Batmobile). 
So what are we doing with this happily unexpected windfall? 
Paying off student loan debt! Yay for financial literacy arriving in my 20’s, I guess. 

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