Thinking Thursday

Thinking Thursday 

Yikes. It’s been longer than I wanted. 
My motivation hit a brick wall and my habit wasn’t well-developed enough to kick butt through it. 
Lots of even well developed habits stopped (if only for a day). I’ve been keeping a date book since January. I loved writing in it. Now I barely care. I want to care. I know I will care again. 
Have you ever walked up a hill in high humidity and high heat? I’m a speed walker. I walk this one hill multiple times a week. I normally bolt up it. But today, the humidity was too much. It felt like I was walking through a wall of molasses. That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately. I think, in part, because I’ve been doing so well. I’m starting to kick butt on student loans. I developed a great jogging habit. I developed a great writing habit. I think I’m getting complacent. 
So now’s the time to force myself to do the things I love. Which is funny, why wouldn’t I be excited to so the things I love? Why am I collapsing in front of the TV? Because I’m sleepy. 
Dang it, don’t say you’ll sleep when you’re dead. Love yourself, get a healthy amount of sleep. 

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