Money Monday

Money Monday | Compounding Interest

I feel like Captain Obvious talking about compounding interest. It’s such a big deal. Pretty simple to understand, only slightly more complicated to do the maths for. You invest money. That money grows by an interest rate. And then when it grows by that rate again, your base money and new money increase based off of that. It’s a beautiful concept (eespecially if you like making money). And if you’ve ever read about compounding interest, you’ve probably heard that the earlier you invest, the better off you are. Time is the part of the equation that can turn a little money into swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. 
Money is just a tool. Like a shovel. Or a bandsaw. It can help you do amazing things. 
What I’m saying is, there’s more to life than money. No one loves their shovel more than their family. 
But compounding interest applies to way more than money. It’s applicable across your entire life. 
Basically, think about your normal, average day. Maybe you buy a cup of coffee. You can at your desk all day. Work hard. Collapse in front of your TV. Maybe you de-stress with some ice cream. None of those things are inherently bad. But they compound. They build. 
You can’t just “diet” now and then. Your diet is what you eat regularly. If you “diet” one month out of the year, it really doesn’t matter much. It’s what you do regularly that counts. Same with exercise. These things are investments in your health. Make a habit, and statistically, you’ll have more quality at the end of your years. 
Same with relationships. You have to invest time regularly, or they won’t last. 
What matters to you? Where are you investing your life? What does your typical day say about your priorities? 
Mine says I like my job. Which I don’t so much. I’ll have to fix that. 

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