Money Monday | Exercise

I’m all about not spending money. I’m also all about getting exercise. I’m not paying for a gym membership. My sister-in-law snuck me into her YMCA a few times, and though the classes were fun, it wasn’t for me. Number one, if I have to travel (which takes time) to go exercise? It’s not happening. Number two, I felt really sleazy sneaking in. She was cool with it, but it wasn’t my thing. Number three, I called to inquire about prices (it was like $75 a month per person, no freaking way), they absolutely do not let you pay per class. At least at that YMCA. 
I was discouraged, to say the least. That’s about the point I decided to start the Couch to 5k program (that I never finished). It was a great start and got me consistent. I quit because I was really sick of timing myself and even more sick of pushing myself. I just wanted to get the recommended amount of exercise and be done with it. So I kept jogging, but without the timing (which is irritating AND stresses me out) and without pushing myself (it was hard enough to get myself outside). I may walk up hills, but at least I’m exercising (also, not running up hills seems to be good for my feet). There is a VERY serious problem with jogging in most locations: weather. I’ll happily jog in mild rain. I’ve even jogged in temperatures that were technically freezing. But I won’t jog when there’s thunder. I won’t jog when the sidewalks are covered in ice. I will try to jog when the humidity is making it hard to breathe when I’m walking, but I will  take it easy on myself. I was afraid to break the habit. Had to keep the chain going. So, when I can’t go outside, I find videos on YouTube. 
There are so many great options. So many. Including some unexpected ones. While I recommend Pop Sugar Fitness, Fitness Blender, and Yoga with Adrienne, you can find some options that will make you laugh while you exercise. Once, I aerobocized along with a video clearly from the 80s run by a mother daughter duo. The mother, for whatever reason, would gleefully cheer “hot dog” when she liked the direction the exercise went. I felt ridiculous, but no one could see me. Here’s a fun thing my high school friends would do: ironically AND un-ironically watch/exercise to Richard Simmons videos together. No idea why, but it’s a treasured memory. 
For your viewing pleasure (also, my bad, it’s early 90s): https://youtu.be/LSvkG2xa3xs

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