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Working Wednesday | Peripheral Research

 Things I would like in order to really sell my art: printer (for fancy prints), printer (for invoices), scanner, art computer.
Fancy Color Printer: I want the colors to print how they look on the screen. No streaks, no stripes, no weird alterations. I understand that really good printers get very expensive (especially the ink/toner). I also understand that this could possibly be the last thing I purchase, and only purchase after I’ve been working for a while. Honestly, a good Fed Ex printing office can handle this fairly cheaply, it just takes effort to get there.
Mediocre Invoice Printer: I need a printer that I can access quickly so I can print off invoices or receipts. I’d like to be able to do this sooner rather than later because even though I’m not making a lot, I’d like to make my life easier now. Plus, it’s just nice to have a printer around. Alternative, I could go to the library and spend ten cents on every page I print. Or I could spend money and set up one of those cool phone swipey things, but I’m just not in deep enough for that.
Scanner: oh my gosh, this is important. Look, I prefer traditional mediums. Like, a lot. But that’s in part because it’s hard to draw on a screen. If I can get the sketch done on paper first, I’d be more comfortable. Also, I’d really like to digitize my records, for easier tax accounting purposes.
Computer: ok, so I clearly have a computer. But, I share it with my husband, which means it’s impossible to use when he’s home. My college laptop is very broken. Also, his music files and programs take up a lot of that computer. Honestly, I would like a laptop, even better if I can use a pressure sensitive stylus on the screen. I’m sure that drawing with a mouse builds character, but I’m too old for that nonsense. My time on this earth is ticking away and I’m not wasting it redrawing my shaky mouse drawings.
I’ll have to start digging in to this research.

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