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Money Monday | Broken Chain

I didn’t blog yesterday.  I blame the holiday.  I broke the chain, and realized that I don’t have anything set up as punishment to keep myself from breaking the chain.


So I’m going to reach into the past (and present a little), and blog about something that should totally count as punishment on Money Monday.  Mostly because it’s valuable and I HATE it.




Nothing strikes fear into my people-pleasing, hyper-obedient heart like negotiating.  I know that sometimes it’s silently expected.   I still hate it.  Also, it saves a lot of money.  And I hate it.  I want everything to be black and white and easy, but that’s not what life is.


We got a ticket a few weekends back.  We accidentally almost went through the wrong toll lane.  In our defense, I don’t think we could see that we were not in the “Cash” lane because of a large truck.  I wasn’t driving or paying attention though.  We BARELY managed to get into the correct lane.  But we did.  We also got a ticket.  Which hurts to the depths of my heart.  Getting in trouble AND having to pay money for something stupid?  AG. O. NY.


I went to pay it online because that’s what you do when you hate talking on the phone (especially with your tail between your legs).  The website recommended NEGOTIATING.  Like straight up, said that we could apply for a first-time going through without a pass thing.  So I did.  My heart was beating SO hard in my heart.  And I did it.


And then I waited.


And then the phone rang.  They couldn’t just email me.  They had to call me.  And I trust giving out certain information on the phone not at all unless I have like double researched the phone number.  So I BARGAINED with the nice customer service rep.  She brought the ticket down significantly AND was willing to email me instead of have me pay over the phone.


Please don’t laugh.  It’s a big step for me.




PS: Let’s see if post-dating makes it look like I actually published this on Monday!

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