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Trying Tuesday

Today I decided to try a self-portrait, free-hand, no helpers.  Sadly, the selfie is not my self-portrait.


This is, however, the picture I decided to base my self-portrait on.  Selfies really aren’t my thing, that’s as good as it gets.


So I started sketching:



No tutorial here, me just attempting to draw what I see.  It’s not perfect.  Someday, maybe I’ll do a VERY long series of blog entries covering hours of a project.  Until then, here is a 10 minute drawing.


But I decide, since I’m using my fancy Bristol board, that I would use marker/ink/whatever:




But it’s not bold enough so I add lots of black.  I love black:




I tried.  I’m not satisfied, but that’s ok.  Not being satisfied pushes me to keep going.



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