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Famous Artist Friday

In college, I had a professor who was OBSESSED with textiles.  I mean, I think she pretty much had her doctorate in it.  Under her tutelage, I wove things and tried my hand at indigo dying.  Also, in 5th grade, my class was all girls and the teacher was so excited that she had us make a quilt.


So you can say, I have a history with fabric.  I also want to admit that quilts aren’t really my thing.  They always seemed old fashioned and definitely not as comfortable as my super fluffy blanket that I like to cuddle up in.


But dangit, some quilts have personality.


And one of the artists I learned about in college, she stuck with me.  Because she made me appreciate what you can do with a quilt.





Her name is Faith Ringgold and she literally put her stories on quilts.  And they’re beautiful.  Just look at that closeup above.  There’s a real sense of narrative.  There’s a real story going on there.  I haven’t spent a lot of my life in cities, but even I can get a sense of a muggy summer night spent relaxing on a rooftop chatting about a day.  I’m not her, I don’t know if that’s what’s happening there, but that’s what looking at it makes me feel.  And I like that feeling.


Faith is also well known for her sculptures (which include some awesome masks) and her performance art.  And based purely on her Wikipedia page, just generally being a really cool person who stands up for what she believes in.


She makes art with a purpose, and I love that.


She has a website:  HERE!  I definitely recommend reading up on her.


Also, cool fact about her.  She’s still alive.  Unlike the last artists I researched.  So it was not depressing to read up on her.  Also, I believe she still makes appearances!



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