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Money Monday

A continuation on my checkbook.

When payday happens, I don’t mess around.  I don’t leave the house and buy all of the things.

I sit down, with my checkbook.  I write down what came in.  I subtract out all of the bills that will occur until I get paid next.  I subtract out a tithe for my church.

I would like to say that I put a bunch into savings too, but paying off my student loan is a much bigger deal to me right now.  And I count that under bills.

Then I’m left to live off the remainder.  I don’t really budget, outside of this.  Well, my husband and I both get an allowance to spend judgement free (he buys figures and guitar stuff, I get my hair done).  But after it’s all subtracted, we either have money, or we don’t.  The amount covers gas, groceries, eating out, gifts, whatever random stuff is going to come up.

Which is nice because I’m a little lazier than I’d like and don’t want to put every expense into a spreadsheet.  Maybe I should.  Maybe we’re oozing money out everywhere.  But I have to say I put 10% (plus a little matching!) into retirement, I have an emergency savings fund, and 24% against student loans (and let’s not even think about taxes).

The point is, I save and pay my bills before anything else.  It’s a step.


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