Thinking Thursday

When I started this blog two weeks ago (record for a retrospective?), my intent was to keep myself accountable to my art and writing. But Thinking Thursday can be whatever I’m thinking about. And right now, it’s sunny and beautiful and I’m thinking of my jog.
Jogging was my precursor to this blog (and flossing before that). I gained some weight in college, as you do. When I graduated, I was too cheap, poor, and ill-located to join a gym. I tried to workout on my own, but always gave up. I’d go for a walk once a week. When I was a kid, I wanted to be strong and tough. Clearly, this was not occurring.
Jogging seemed like a good solution. It’s free. You can do it almost anywhere. But I hated it. Running in school was the worst. They’d barely train us and expect us to run the mile. Everyone could see you suck at running. And I did. And I thought that everyone would judge my running skills, even into adulthood.
But then I saw someone jogging. And my first thought was, “Way to go!” Sooooo….there went my excuse. First of all, they had the gumption to go outside and take care of themselves. Second, who cares what people think?
So I tried couch to 5k to get started. It was awful and hard. I didn’t have a stopwatch, just my phone. I think there was an app, but I didn’t want to pay for it. My phone needed a new battery and kept dying. My headphones had to be attached to my phone. But I kept going. It really helped that there was a schedule.
Then I quit couch to 5k because I honestly don’t care if I run a 5k. Honestly, a 5k sounds terrible. Too many people to judge myself against. I didn’t quit the habit though. I didn’t need the goal, just the habit.
Also, I eventually got Bluetooth headphones and found some awesome podcasts and got a new battery for my phone. But only after I proved my habit.
Seriously, jogging is boring. Podcasts are awesome.

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