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Working Wednesday

I have a cool special thing that I do at my church.  I get to pray for youth leaders and their youth.  Someone told me I should draw for them when I pray.  So I do.  For now, I just draw their name.  The mighty creative juices at work, haha.


Does it count as work if you’re not getting paid?  Totally.  So it qualifies.


I start by looking up the meaning of their name.  I think names meaning something is so cool.  For example, the name Elainey is a form of Helen which means light.  I always really hope that something didn’t get typoed on its way to me.  Fingers crossed!  Then I draw a few thumbnails to get me thinking.  Note the vague sketches and dog hair stuck to the notepad.




The last sketch I drew I liked best (why keep going when you know what you want?).  And that’s the one in the top left corner.


So I laid down the lines:




And then I do a rough sketch of the name, erasing and changing as I go:




What a nice blurry picture that I cannot go back in time to fix.  Yay for smart phones.  I’m not going to ever tell you I’m a perfectionist.


At this point I start inking the name after making some changes:




It’s all right.  I don’t like the balance.  There’s too much white before the E, but I didn’t want to go too far to the left and make it too small.  I wanted the word go up because that seems happy.  For the E to be big, it would have to slope down.


Final product:




And I’m done.



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