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Trying Tuesday

I wasn’t sure what to do today.  So I went with a Brush Pen and some markers.  Wanna know what I actually tried today?  Horrifying myself.  Totally succeeded too.  Are you ready?  Probably not.  Brace yourselves for an onslaught of terrible cell phone pictures of the timeline of a questionable drawing.


I started with a stick figure.  Not the most dynamic, but I guess it’ll do:


I filled in some gaps.  Wish I had noticed the head being too far left.  Oops:


Adding in details:


Outlining even darker:


Shading in for no reason:


More details!  I decided she was the kind of girl who wore flip flops with a fancy dress:


And hops fences.  She had to be hopping over something:


Maybe a tree?:


This is when I broke out the pen.  See kind of pen:


This is ok.  My hands are not yet steady enough to really use this pen so it’s not thick all the time:


I hated the tree.  Tree gone.  Erased everything.  Should have stopped here:


Nope.  Just nope.  I miss oil paints.  I do not like markers:



But hey, at least I tried?


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