Money Monday

I am happy to admit to being a millennial. We get some bad press, but honestly, it means about as much as saying that I’m a Cancer or a Libra. Oooohh, look at me, I was born within a certain span of time. I’m exactly the same as everyone else born from point A to point B.
It is a special generation though, when you consider the change we’ve seen in our lifetime. Or at least, I’ll go by my lifetime. I remember when having a PC was a big deal and being on the internet meant keeping phone calls from happening. I remember dial up tines and roaming my neighborhood alone on my bike. I also remember cell phones and texting and MySpace and Facebook. I remember 9/11 and before. I’m more than familiar with VHS tapes and appreciate a good blu-ray. We were born on the cusp.
That’s a really long intro just to tell you that I use a checkbook. Like, I hand-write in a checkbook with a real pen. Every purchase. I know what Excel is. I’m quite familiar with vlookups and index match and macros. And I use a checkbook.
I’m a pretty strong believer that everyone should find a system that works for them. This works for me. I’m sure there’s an app that could do the same, but I need to write it down; subtract it myself and feel the pain. I’ve taken up jogging, so clearly at some point I decided I like pain. I round everything up because it’s easier (and because I use Acorns). I literally subtract every purchase. Even when bought with credit cards. Especially when bought with credit cards. That way, I pay off my credit cards monthly without even thinking about it.
Actually, let me be real honest, I actually pay off my credit cards more than monthly. Sometimes I’ll get bored and log in and pay them off. For fun. I swear, no recent head trauma…that I remember.
My advice, if you think checkbooks are a waste of time, it’s cool. Just find something that works for you. You’re not me. The world needs different types.

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