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Trying Tuesday

I strongly believe that creativity is a muscle. Sure, some people are genetically blessed with more ease of growing muscles or creativity, but the more you exercise, the stronger you get. The same holds true with creativity. The more you put pen to paper, the better you get. Just the same: work smarter, not harder. Case in point, if you want to develop incredible biceps, jogging will help decrease fat so they’re more visible, but your biceps won’t be growing. What’s the smart way to improve at art in general? Practice regularly. But what if you want to get better faster? Practice smart.
I take no credit for this idea, but it’s brilliant. This video is how I learned about iterative drawing: (Sycra’s AWESOME video).
So here goes nothing:
Yikes.  I mean, I can see some improvement, but can you even guess who I’m trying to draw?  Because I’m a little torn between it looking like Roddy McDowall and Frank Sinatra and my dear departed grandpa and possibly Alfred from Batman.  It is none of those.
Let me talk about what I learned though because the goal wasn’t to be aweome here, and I’m most certainly not perfect.  I tried drawing the basic head first in 1 and 2.  It wasn’t working for me, but I needed to warm up anyway.  So with 3 I tried drawing eyes first, but without the head shape I lacked something to put them inproportion with each other.  With 4 I tried drawing the nose first, but the size was beyond my control because there was no container to put it in.  I drew number 5 upside down in case that would help me see details I didn’t before.  I think it did help me see those details, but it still dowsn’t really look right.  On 6 I did the mouth first, which went about as well as nose first.  Oops.  For 7, I drew a cross shape and based everything around that.  It helped a lot.  I needed to put some structure down.  So I did that for 8 and 9.  I like the way my last 3 looks.  Can I also just say that I didn’t erase?
I do not think that it looks like my subject matter.
Have you guessed who my subject matter it?  Have you accidentally scrolled too far and found out?
Peter Mayhew.  So sorry Peter.  I tried.

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