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Clothing Files

I know I decided this would be an art/finance blog, but as I was doing laundry today, I remembered something I do so I have more time for the stuff I love, or at least less stress.
Let me start from a while back, maybe too far back. I kept my room clean when I was little until the day I found my baby brother wrecked my room and I was expected to clean it up. I gave up a little that day. I also developed a fear of scarcity and became a little tiny hoarder and everything got really messy. Like couldn’t see the floor messy. I went to college and had a fresh start and realized I could replace things with money. I slowly started a path towards something like minimalism.
Which leads me to my ultimate point. I’m lazy. Like really lazy. I’ll do work to avoid more work.
So laundry is work. Work that never ends (unless I join a nudist colony and that is never happening). Laundry is sorting and never ending folding and jamming things hopelessly into drawers. And my husband owns probably two hundred t-shirts. I mean, never ending t-shirts. Someday I’ll count them, but that day is not today. We’d both make a mess of the drawers looking for “the one.” It was all very stressful. I’m basically like a Sim who gets distressed when the environment is off somehow.
Confession: I now file clothes. I fold them in this really cool way (like this, but I fold it in half again so it fits in the drawer) that I found in a book when I was a teenager. I make them stand on their sides and it is so hard to mess these drawers up.
You have to actively try to mess it up. I haven’t organized a drawer in ages. It makes my lazy heart so pleased.
I also have my closet in color order, but that’s another story.

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