Working Wednesday

Farting Around

Is an “About Me” lame?

Whatever.  I don’t care.  I mean, who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?

So, how about I call myself “Smudged” and not my real name because I love anonymity (and also have no idea what I’m doing, so for all my know all of my contact information is easily obtainable…it took me 10 minutes yesterday to figure out what button to press to put a post out into the world).

So here are details of my life that may or may not be obscure enough to figure out who I am.

  1. I have a bachelor’s in accounting and an art minor.
  2. When I was 9 I wrote and illustrated a ridiculous (and realistically terrible) mystery book in which the heroine got caught in a trap that caused her to hang upside down by her toes.
  3. I must have some danged soft skin because I keep getting splinters from my dog’s hair.
  4. I keep an old-fashioned checkbook and enjoy payday (and paying bills) because it gets me one day closer to kicking my stupid student loans to the curb.
  5. I desperately want to learn more about art and get better at it, but I’m also too cheap to pay for lots of classes…so here I am starting a blog in order to keep myself accountable to my art and my finances.
  6. Dangit, I just want to learn how to paint some clouds.
  7. I’ve never broken a bone in my body and have only had one cavity.
  8. I’ve forced myself to like tea without sugar because who needs all that added sugar?
  9. Every time I go for a jog, I think I’m going to get murdered.  The poor ice cream man is totally a suspect.
  10. I have one tattoo.  And if I ever get a following, maybe I’d post a picture and have everyone try to figure it out.  But with reverse image searches on Google…it’s probably too easy.
  11. Eleven is my favorite number ever since I won a bunch of spelling bees in 6th grade.  It’s a long boring story.   That strangely leads to me wearing only the color blue for my entire 8th grade year.

Here are my plans.  I’m laying them out for me because again, I have limited confidence in my ability to communicate with people on the internet outside of my sister and my best friend (who I met in 3rd grade and only had class with for three years).

  1. Blog 5 days a week (is that too much?  Oh gosh, it’s probably too much).
  2. One blog a week about an art project I’m working on (which will keep me accountable to my art…hopefully).
  3. One blog a week about an art thing I’m attempting to learn (attempting being a BIG part of that, sorry for the fails in advance).
  4. One blog a week about financial stuff (which is so interesting to me, plus, you know, might sell my art someday which will take a ton of financial acumen and I’d love to help other people learn from my failure).
  5. One post a week in a series entitles Famous Artist Fridays (thanks to my dear sister for thinking that one up).  I was also thinking I could switch it up to be FANTASTIC or FAVORITE because sometimes I like people who aren’t famous.  Or are, and I just don’t know they are…etc.  Can I just say that I don’t know a lot?  I mean, duh.

I’m going to go now and pat myself on the back for completing DAY 2.  Even though I haven’t done any of the above things?  Maybe I can have a general farting around day.


PS:  Notes on the picture.  That is not my typical style.  I have no idea why my body is shaped like a bean (except…well if you’re propelled by farts, being a bean makes sense).  You can still see my half-erased pencil lines.  I drew this in 5 seconds.  I acknowledge it’s awfulness but still think it’s fun.

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