Firsts are hard and scary.  But awesome.  First step.  First kiss.  The first 5 minutes of a jog.

But this is my first blog post.  I need to point out that this was a terrifying first for me and I just jumped real hard (for me).  I don’t talk to strangers in real life or on the internet.  And here I am.  Honestly though, my dear (and TOTALLY awesome) sister will probably be the only one to read this.

But here I am.  Freaking out.  Because I paid for this.  And I didn’t budget for it.

This isn’t going to be anything fancy (in part because I’m going to go ice cookies very soon) and mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Two important things about me before I go:

  1.  I love dealing with my finances
  2. I love art

I want to post my projects.  I want to learn.  And I want to show people how badly I mess up.  Which is weird, but that’s the learning process.

I have no idea what I’m doing.  Pray for me.

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